Bauhaus Pendant Lamp | HP 28

Hans Przyrembel, 1928

The defining shape of this simple hanging lamp is a thick, flat pane of frosted glass in the centre of the piece. It can be used for general lighting in rooms with a high ceiling. Two different sizes of this lamp were designed by Hans Przyrembel in 1928 (with a diameter of 500 mm / 700 mm).

Pendant lamp made of chromed metal and frosted glass.

Each lamp is numbered consecutively and bears the TECNOLUMEN signet.

Net weight: 5.6 kg (Ø 500mm), 9.4 kg (Ø 700mm)
Recommended illuminant: 4x / 6x LED tube 8 W, matt


HP 28 / 500
HP 28 / 700

Hans Przyrembel

1900 – 1945
Hans Przyrembel

Hans Przyrembel was a German designer, goldsmith and silversmith.

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