Bauhaus Pendant Lamp with Opal Ball | HL 99


This hanging lamp, consisting of a chrome-plated or polished brass tube with an opal ball, was created by an unknown designer in 1900. It was one of the first lighting fixture designs developed for electric light bulbs. It has enriched the interior designs of many architects, such as Peter Behrens, Adolf Loos and Josef Hoffmann. The Bauhaus had similar designs by Marianne Brandt and Hans Przyrembel. This lamp was manufactured in large numbers in the 1920s and 30s, when it was mainly used in schools and offices.

They are available in five sizes: with 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm and 400mm large opal balls. The chrome-plated or polished brass tube is 1m long, but can easily be shortened by sawing off, because the hanger holds the rod without thread.

Each lamp is numbered consecutively and bears the TECNOLUMEN signet.

Net weight: 1.2 kg (Ø 200mm), 1.8 kg (Ø 250mm), 2.5 kg (Ø 300mm), 4.4 kg (Ø 350mm), 4.9 kg (Ø 400mm),
Recommended illuminant: LED lamp 8 W, matt


HL 99 / ... Chr
HL 99 / ... M

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