Wagenfeld Lamp Genuine & Imitation

The exclusive license to manufacture re-editions of the Wagenfeld lamp, also known as the Bauhaus lamp, is solely granted by Professor Wilhelm Wagenfeld TECNOLUMEN.

The Designs of the Wagenfeld Lamp are Copyrighted!

TECNOLUMEN® double-checks the quality of all lamps to ensure their electrical safety as well as the unflaggingly high quality of their surfaces.

These quality characteristics help you to distinguish between our genuine Wagenfeld lamp and their (unauthorized) cheap imitations. If any of the aforementioned quality characteristics are lacking, then you can be sure that the lamp is not an authorized copy and that its sale is forbidden by law.

The only genuine versions of the Wagenfeld table lamp are manufactured by TECNOLUMEN in Bremen and are distinguished by the following quality characteristics:

The bulb holder of the Wagenfeld lamp is specially manufactured for TECNOLUMEN and is equipped with a distinctive spout for the pull cord.

Rather than being chrome-plated, the surfaces of our lamps are nickel-plated, just like the surfaces of the original lamps. As time passes, they acquire an attractive, slightly yellowish patina.

The transparent shaft and the foot (on models WG24 and WG25GL) are made of clear glass (not plastic). The shades of all lamps are crafted from mouth-blown opalescent glass.

The electrical feed line is a cable clad with black textile.

All component parts and the lamp itself have been tested by VDE and are in accord with the latest relevant safety regulations. This compliance is proven by the VDE plates and the glue-on labels that are affixed to each lamp.

On model WG24, the cable passes through a nickel-plated metal tube inside the glass tube.

The pull cord on each of the four versions of the Wagenfeld lamp is black with a little nickel-plated ball at one end.

All lamps are numbered and bear the TECNOLUMEN / BAUHAUS stamp on the underside of the base plate.

If you have any further questions about this theme, please do not hesitate to contact us.