Bauhaus ceiling lamp | HMB 29

Marianne Brandt, 1929

In the catalog from the years 1928/1929 of the Schwintzer & Gräfe company, various lights designed by Marianne Brandt are exactly described, dimensioned and illustrated. These lights were already mass-produced at that time. Due to the precise information, we were able to restore some of these lights true to the original.

Ceiling lamp made of nickel-plated metal, glass ball half opal and half matt.

Available in the following ball diameters: 250 or 400 mm. Net weight: 2.2 kg (Ø 250mm), 4.2 kg (Ø 400mm)

Each lamp is numbered consecutively and bears the TECNOLUMEN / BAUHAUS logo.


HMB 29 / 250
HMB 29 / 400

Marianne Brandt

1893 – 1983
Marianne Brandt

Marianne Brandt’s unique talent was soon picked up by László Moholy-Nagy. Inspired by him, Brandt undertook her studies in the male-dominated field of metalworking, where she was more successful than many of her classmates.

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