Wagenfeld tea tin WT 24

Wilhelm Wagenfeld, 1924

This tea tin designed by Wilhelm Wagenfeld is a classic form of the Bauhaus movement. The design of 1924 was already considered an excellent example of functional design at that time, which was limited to the simple, necessary forms of an everyday object. The WT 24 tea tin is one of the most important designs of the Bauhaus era. It was published in 1925 in Bauhaus Book No. 7. Loose tea can be stylishly stored in the tin. Originally, the tea tin was made of nickel silver, today it is made of nickel-plated brass. The high metal cylinder runs out into a rounded spout rim. The can is closed by a loose lid which, in contrast to the original design, has a locking mechanism that is not visible from the outside.

Design: Wilhelm Wagenfeld, 1924

WT 24: messing vernickelt Nickel plated brass

Wilhelm Wagenfeld

1900 – 1985
Wilhelm Wagenfeld

Wilhelm Wagenfeld was one of the most influential pioneers of modern product design in Germany. He became the only student from the Weimar Bauhaus to make a successful transition to major industrial companies, achieving his goal of giving all citizens access to sophisticated, contemporary and affordable industrial products.

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