Wagenfeld Fat-lean-sauce WWFM 24 Si

Wilhelm Wagenfeld, 1924

Wilhelm Wagenfeld designed several versions of this very practical table utensil; which unfortunately has gone out of use. The first type, from 1923, was Wagenfeld’s piece of work to qualify as a journeyman. lt had a rounded form and a glass lid. The third version from 1927/29 had an elegant saucer and ebony handles. The second version, which we have chosen for our remake, is from the early Bauhaus period. lt has dear lines and simple shape, which go to serve and accentuate the function.

Design: Wilhelm Wagenfeld, 1924

Sterling silver 925/1000, ebony

Wilhelm Wagenfeld

1900 – 1985
Wilhelm Wagenfeld

Wilhelm Wagenfeld was one of the most influential pioneers of modern product design in Germany. He became the only student from the Weimar Bauhaus to make a successful transition to major industrial companies, achieving his goal of giving all citizens access to sophisticated, contemporary and affordable industrial products.

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