Wagenfeld tea-cosy | WW 28

Wilhelm Wagenfeld, 1928

Wilhelm Wagenfeld's tea warmer is not just a classic for tea lovers. Here, too, Wagenfeld combined his favorite materials, metal and glass. The popular table accessory was created in 1928 when Wagenfeld headed the metal workshop of the Dessau Bauhaus. He decided to use the screwed connections of the nickel-plated brass frame as design elements to emphasize the design of the warmer. The opal glass lets the glow of the tealight shimmer atmospherically. With this everyday object, Wagenfeld also made clear his motto that being useful also means being beautiful.

Design: Wilhelm Wagenfeld, 1928

Nickel plated brass, opaque glass

Wilhelm Wagenfeld

1900 – 1985
Wilhelm Wagenfeld

Wilhelm Wagenfeld was one of the most influential pioneers of modern product design in Germany. He became the only student from the Weimar Bauhaus to make a successful transition to major industrial companies, achieving his goal of giving all citizens access to sophisticated, contemporary and affordable industrial products.

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