Bauhaus Floor Lamp | DSL 23

Richard Döcker, 1923

This floor lamp from 1923 is a clear reflection of the distinctive Bauhaus style, even though its designer, the architect Richard Döcker, never studied or taught at the Bauhaus School. The DSL 23 floor lamp is the perfect marriage of clearly defined shapes and lines, high functionality and sophisticated details – as simple as it may seem, the almost free-floating lamp head makes it an extremely elegant eye-catcher.

The opal glass sphere emits a warm cloud of light, making the floor lamp incredibly atmospheric. The classic design is just as suitable for private rooms like lounges, offices and bedrooms as it is for representative spaces in the commercial sector.

Floor lamp made of nickel-plated metal and opal glass shade.

Each lamp is numbered consecutively and bears the TECNOLUMEN logo.

Recommended illuminant: LED lamp 8 W, matt

Richard Döcker

1894 – 1968
Richard Döcker

Richard Döcker was a prominent functionalist who was born in Weilheim an der Teck in 1894. The architect and university lecturer was appointed as the construction manager for the Weissenhof Estate, a housing project run by the German Association of Craftsmen (Deutscher Werkbund), and he also collaborated on the “Congrès Internationaux d’Architecture Moderne”.

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