Bauhaus Wall Lamp | MSW 27

Mart Stam, 1927

Mart Stam, who taught various courses as a guest lecturer at the Bauhaus School in the late 1920s, designed this beautiful nickel-plated wall lamp in 1927.

Although Mart Stam was one of the most important architects of the modern era, he’s often only associated with his famous cantilever chair. However, Stam was also one of the leading thinkers in housing development, where he managed to unite social and aesthetic concerns. His fascination with interior design is reflected not only by his famous chair, but also this nice wall lamp made of nickel-plated metal, which emits atmospheric light from a seemingly hanging bowl.

They are available in two versions: polished nickel and matt nickel.

Each lamp is numbered consecutively and bears the TECNOLUMEN signet.

Recommended illuminant: LED lamp 8 W, matt


MSW 27 Ni matt
MSW 27 Ni pol.

Mart Stam

1899 – 1986
Mart Stam

Martinus Adrianus Stam was born in the Dutch city of Purmerend on 5 August 1899. Stam developed models that could be manufactured industrially and serially – from chairs and lamps to urban design. He set new standards for the first time with his terraced house design for the Weissenhof Estate.

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