Multi Functional Lamp SQUARE | MLON 12

Oliver Niewiadomski, 2010

The puristically designed “Square” is an eye-catching table lamp that spreads warm white LED light and reflects the stylish practicality of the Bauhaus era. The clear, angular shape of the table lamp contrasts with the central circular element from which light is emitted in all directions. This Bauhaus-inspired fixture is a tasteful eye-catcher that can add the finishing touch to a room. The pleasant glow of its subtle, even light creates a cosy mood. With the integrated touch dimmer on the on/off button, the light intensity can be infinitely adjusted to personal needs. Oliver Niewiadomski himself says about his lamp: "It doesn't want to be more than the light that it gives!"

Table lamp aluminum anodized, supply line available in the colors blue, green, red or black. Touch dimmer via on-off switch.

Available separately: Stand for "Square" lamp in natural beech (F / MLON nt) or black stained beech (F / MLON sw)

Each lamp carries the TECNOLUMEN signet.

Integrated light source: LED unit 7 W, 450 Im, 2700 K.
(The lamps can only be replaced by TECNOLUMEN)



MLON 12 bl
MLON 12 gru
MLON 12 rt
MLON 12 sw
F/MLON nt (Zubehör Standfuß natur)
F/MLON sw (Zubehör Standfuß schwarz)

Oliver Niewiadomski

Oliver Niewiadomski

Oliver Niewiadomski designs and creates innovative lamps, products, objects and room concepts with a clear design vocabulary, sophisticated functions, refined details and a modern look.

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