Table Lamp JELLA | TLS 13

Lena Schlumbohm, 2013

Jella is a modern, straightforward and highly flexible tribute to the EB 27 table lamp, which was originally designed by Edouard-Wilfrid Buquet in 1927. Lena Schlumbohm has won numerous design awards for her inspired work, including the 2014 Interior Innovation Award. The process and product designer from North Rhine-Westphalia studied in Regensburg and Aachen.

The lamp consists of a black colored aluminum lamp arm and a matt black painted steel base. Magnets integrated in the lamp arm enable free positioning on the foot.

Every lamp bears this symbol: TECNOLUMEN

Integrated illuminant: LED unit 3.8 W, 632 Im, 2700 K (the illuminants can only be replaced by TECNOLUMEN)


Deutscher Designer Club 2013
Winner interior innovation award 2014
[D³] Contest 2014 (Platz 3) 2014
Design Plus 2014

Lena Schlumbohm

Lena Schlumbohm

Lena Schlumbohm was born in Germany in 1988. She studied in Regensburg and Aachen and has been working as a process and product designer since 2014. Her table lamp “Jella” has received several design rewards: among others the “interior innovation award” 2014.

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