Bauhaus Pendant Lamp | HMB 25/500

Marianne Brandt, 1925

Marianne Brandt designed various lamps with Hans Przyrembel. This must have been music to the ears of Walter Gropius, because lamps could be exploited economically to raise much-needed funds for the Bauhaus School. The artists made the lamps at their own workshop, and they were then used at the Bauhaus workshops. One particular example is the hanging lamp known today as HMB 25/300, the height of which can be adjusted using a pendulum and counterweight. Its hemispherical shade is a clear reflection of Marianne Brandt’s signature style.

TECNOLUMEN reproduced the hanging lamps by consulting catalogues containing the exact dimensions and by studying two old models, one of which belonged to the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin. Our studies revealed that various materials and fittings were used with different dimensions. For example, the lampshade was made of aluminium, nickel silver or nickel-plated copper sheet.

We went with the nickel-plated version, because non-anodised aluminium quickly loses its appeal and nickel silver (alpacca) is hardly manufactured anymore. Some of the lamps had a flanged lower edge to give the shade greater stability, because the material wasn’t very thick.

The new lamps have a straight-cut edge (like some of the old models), and the pulley has been faithfully reconstructed like all the other parts. The socket and black covered cable are the only parts that have been changed to comply with modern requirements.

Both versions (screen diameters 300mm and 500mm) are available with and without roller pull, in the surfac polished and nickel-plated aluminum.

Each lamp is numbered consecutively and bears the TECNOLUMEN / BAUHAUS logo.

Recommended illuminant: LED lamp 8 W, matt

E 27


HMB 25/500 Z Ni
HMB 25/500 Ni

Marianne Brandt

1893 – 1983
Marianne Brandt

Marianne Brandt’s unique talent was soon picked up by László Moholy-Nagy. Inspired by him, Brandt undertook her studies in the male-dominated field of metalworking, where she was more successful than many of her classmates.

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