Pendant Lamp 4SHIELDS

Oliver Niewiadomski, 2023

At the time of classical modernism, the wood sculptor, technician and researcher Paul Schatz (1898-1979) from Konstanz discovered the oloid - a basic geometric body with its extraordinary aesthetic and functional properties, both in industry and research, as well as in architecture and is used in the design.

Prof. Oliver Niewiadomski designed two Oloid lights for TECNOLUMEN. The HALF PAUL pendant lamp and the 4SHIELDS lamp, which is available as a table lamp and also as a pendant lamp.

The lights will be available from the end of 2023.


Oliver Niewiadomski

Oliver Niewiadomski

Oliver Niewiadomski designs and creates innovative lamps, products, objects and room concepts with a clear design vocabulary, sophisticated functions, refined details and a modern look.

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