Floor Lamp BULO XL | BLON 16 P

Oliver Niewiadomski, 2016

Oliver Niewiadomski translates mathematics into a vivid design vocabulary to form intelligent, sophisticated and functional creations. This is also the case with the “Bulo XL” floor lamp, which can be fully rotated about its base to ensure functionality with an aesthetic effect.

Floor lamp made of aluminum, frosted glass, acrylic. Pure matt color. Black plastic foot ring, transparent plastic cable.

Each lamp carries the TECNOLUMEN signet.

Integrated illuminant: LED unit 15.4 W, 1839 Im, 2700 K (the illuminants can only be replaced by TECNOLUMEN)

Oliver Niewiadomski

Oliver Niewiadomski

Oliver Niewiadomski designs and creates innovative lamps, products, objects and room concepts with a clear design vocabulary, sophisticated functions, refined details and a modern look.

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