De Stijl-Wardrobe | VH 25

Vilmos Huszar, 1925

Vilmos Huszár is considered the great unknown of the DeStijl group of artists, which he co-founded. Numerous works by the versatile painter, who also created interiors, have disappeared today. Huszár provided important impulses to the art world and maintained close relationships with the avant-garde in Berlin and Paris. As a designer of logos, cigarette boxes, posters, fabric samples and furniture, he was not afraid of everyday and commercial things. But first and foremost he remained a painter, which can also be seen in the cheerful, elegant hall wardrobe that was built around 1925. Your hooks are of course shown in the colors of De Stijl.

Design: Vilmos Huszar, 1925

VH 25: lacquered metal

Vilmos Huszar

1884 – 1960
Vilmos Huszar

The Hungarian artist Vilmos Huszár studied in 1901 at the School for the Applied Arts in Budapest. After protracted sojourns in Munich, Paris and London, Vilmos Huszár went to the Netherlands in 1908. Vilmos Huszár was an interior decorator, painter and graphic designer.

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