A Bauhaus lamp of the 21st century

Modern, puristic, functional - the famous tubular steel furniture by Mart Stam, Marcel Breuer and Ludwig Mies von der Rohe as well as the table lamp, often referred to as the "Bauhaus lamp" and designed by Wilhelm Wagenfeld, became design icons of the Bauhaus and are today milestones in design history. The family companies THONET and TECNOLUMEN are behind these products.

The LUM lamp carries on the Bauhaus idea, the reduction to the essentials with a maximum of functionality and aesthetics. Using the classic and famous 20mm tubular steel, the well-known designer Ulf Möller developed LUM, a lamp that can not only be seen as a supplement to the well-known tubular steel furniture, but also with its timeless design that integrates unobtrusively into an appealing room ambience. In addition to the clear design, the LUM impresses with its convenient functionality and can be used very flexibly. The use of the latest LED technology guarantees bright and brilliant color rendering and a glare-free and warm light climate. In addition to switching it on and off, an automatic touch function on the luminaire head offers the option of dimming the light according to requirements.

Das Drehen der waagerechten Leuchtenköpfe ermöglicht darüber hinaus eine stufenlose Veränderung der Strahlungsrichtung um bis zu 350°. Hierdurch lassen sich sehr individuelle Lichtsituationen erzeugen. Die hohe Effizienz der Lichtausbeute unterstützt dabei den sehr niedrigen Stromverbrauch. Der Einsatz der Leuchten ist sowohl in Wohnraum- als auch in Bürosituationen gleichermaßen vorstellbar. Hergestellt werden die Leuchten von den Unternehmen THONET und TECNOLUMEN, die hierzu eine Kooperation gebildet haben und die Leuchten unter dem Signet„THONET by TECNOLUMEN” design- und technikaffinen Kunden anbieten werden. Dabei legen die beiden traditionsreichen Familienunternehmen im gleichen Maße wie bei ihren Möbel- und Leuchtenobjekten großen Wert auf eine herausragende Produktqualität.

Design Ulf Möller

Born in Kassel in 1969, he studied architecture, urban planning and design at the TH Darmstadt. As part of his studies, Ulf Möller successfully started self-employment with his studio and then realized various design-oriented buildings. In 1998 he joined the Kassel architecture office Coordes Möller + Partner, which deals with residential and industrial buildings in Germany and beyond. In 2005, Ulf Möller took over the Möller + Partner architectural office and has since focused on architecture, interior design and design. We have worked closely with THONET for more than 20 years.