Bauhaus Table Lamp | SF 28


This lamp design was developed by a group of architects from the Swedish functionalist movement, which emerged at the same time as the Bauhaus era. A similar lamp was produced by Gispen in the Netherlands at the same time – once again, a hemisphere was placed loosely on the glass as a reflector.

The polished aluminium cap stays on the glass sphere through friction alone. The reflector can be adjusted at any time without causing glare. This table lamp has retained its practicality throughout the years thanks to its design, which has been reduced to the simplest spherical and cylindrical shapes that are necessary to enable its functions.

Table lamp made of chromed and black lacquered metal, polished aluminum, opal glass.

Each lamp is numbered consecutively and bears the TECNOLUMEN signet.

Recommended illuminant: LED drop 4.3 W, matt

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