Table Lamp LIGHTWORM | LWS 02

Walter Schnepel, 2002

This lamp is characterised by its flexibility. Its base is made of flexible metal links, while its head is a light bulb with a silvery tip. The switch is framed in black plastic. We offer the “Lightworm” with a black or nickel-plated base, and the cable is then black or transparent to match.

This table lamp features black or nickel-plated piping that can be flexibly adjusted. The switch is located on the socket, which is always black.

Each lamp carries the TECNOLUMEN signet.

Bulbs included: LED lamp filament 7 W clear, mirrored (EEK: E)


LWS 02 Ni

Walter Schnepel

Walter Schnepel

The TECNOLUMEN founder is more than just a businessman – he is also an art collector, developer and passionate design ambassador.

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