Pendant Lamp LUM X | HLUM 19

Ulf Möller, 2019

This family of lights continues the Bauhaus concept of reduction to the essential with a high degree of functionality and aesthetics. Using the classic and famous 20mm tubular steel, LUM designed by Ulf Möller is a light that isn’t just complimentary to the well-known tubular steel furniture, it can also be integrated discreetly yet trenchantly in an appealing room ambience thanks to its timeless design.

In addition to the clear design, the LUM also impressed with its convenient function and it is exceptionally flexible in application. Bright and brilliant colour rendering is guaranteed, thanks to the usage of state-of-the-art LED technology.

It can be switched on and off by touch on the light head and also a dimming option. Turning the horizontal light heads also enables a change of the beam direction by up to 360° and the lamp is continuously adjustable in height. This allows the creation of a very personalised lighting arrangement. The high efficiency of the light output supports the very low electricity usage. The lights can be used both in living room as well as office settings.

The lights are produced by THONET and TECNOLUMEN, that started a collaboration for this purpose, supplying the lights to under the signet “THONET by TECNOLUMEN”. Just like with their furnishing and lighting pieces, both long-standing family-run companies place great value on outstanding product quality in this area as well.

The pendant lamp is available in chrome, black and smoke chrome.

Our LUM pendant lights in their standard version are best suited for rooms with a maximum height of 300 cm. For higher ceilings (over 300 cm), we ask for a corresponding request. These lights can be extended for an extra charge based on the order.


LUM X chrome
LUM X smoked chrome
LUM X matt black

Ulf Möller

Ulf Möller

Born in 1969 in Kassel, architect Ulf Möller studied Architecture, Urban Planning and Design at the Technical University Darmstadt. As part of his studies, Ulf Möller shifted successfully into selfemployment with his own atelier, subsequently executing various design-oriented buildings.

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