Pendant Lamp | HLWS 03

Walter Schnepel, 2003

Despite having a classic structure, the HLWS 03 hanging lamp has many faces – its conical glass shade comes in six different designs, each of which give the lamp a different look. Two porcelain versions are also available.

Pendant lamp with transparent plastic cable and canopy, optionally with glass shade in the versions: clear glass with matt ring, clear glass, opal glass, melon-colored glass, red glass, blue glass, or a porcelain cone in matt or glazed.

Each lamp carries the TECNOLUMEN signet.

Recommended illuminant: LED lamp 7 W, matt or clear



HLWS 03 + GL / HL 03 KM
HLWS 03 + GL / HL 03 Kl
HLWS 03 + GL / HL 03 Op
HLWS 03 + GL / HL 03 Me
HLWS 03 + GL / HL 03 Rt
HLWS 03 + GL / HL 03 Bl
HLWS 03 + P / HL 03 mat
HLWS 03 + P / HL 03 gla

Walter Schnepel

Walter Schnepel

The TECNOLUMEN founder is more than just a businessman – he is also an art collector, developer and passionate design ambassador.

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