Hanging Lamp LE TRE STREGHE | HL3S 81

Günter Leuchtmann, 1981

Günter Leuchtmann designed this hanging lamp specially for a restaurant in Hamburg called “Le tre streghe” (“The Three Witches”) in 1981. The light from a handcrafted Murano glass ball is emitted through a meshed cylinder above. The lamp is available as a chrome-plated and gold-plated model.

The suspension can be flexibly adjusted from 80 to 210 cm during assembly.

Each lamp is numbered consecutively and bears the TECNOLUMEN signet.

Integrated illuminant: LED unit 6 W, 480 Im, 2700 K (the illuminants can only be replaced by TECNOLUMEN)


HL3S 81 Chr
HL3S 81 Go

Günter Leuchtmann

1943 – 2005
Günter Leuchtmann

Günter Leuchtmann has created a wide range of marble, travertine and ceramic lamps. His most famous lamp was designed in 1981 for a restaurant in Hamburg known as “Le Tre Streghe” (The Three Witches); he named his design after the restaurant. The designer, who boasts a rather fitting surname (“light man”), has processed high-quality and often weighty materials, such as solid balls made of fine Murano glass, to create elegant and extravagant lighting fixtures.

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