Pendant Lamp TRABANT 3 | DJM 08/14

Joachim Manz, 2013

The name of this hanging lamp translates as “satellite”, as its shape and design are reminiscent of the moon. The fixture has won many awards for its unique design, such as the iF Product Design Award in 2008.

The designer's intention is to forego mechanical compaction of the concrete. Instead, the concrete is poured by hand and also compacted, so that the very smooth spherical surface is irregularly penetrated by blowholes and air pockets. This different, lively surface quality of the individual concrete bodies makes each one a unique luminaire.

A concrete ball hangs on a thin wire rope, on the underside of which a segment through a high-quality glass lens (matt or clear) with surprising, precise and almost lively - with his lights Joachim Manz creates haunting plays of light that dissolve the boundaries between form and space. The freelance sculptor casts lights like the "Trabant 3" from fine concrete, which seems to look down almost curiously from above.

Non-adjustable pendant lamp made of pigmented special concrete, glass lens either matt or clear. Ball diameter: 140 mm.

Each lamp is numbered consecutively and bears the TECNOLUMEN signet.

Recommended illuminant: LED lamp spot 5.5 W, 12V (only for power networks with 230 V AC voltage)


DJM 08/14 m
DJM 08/14 m

Joachim Manz

Joachim Manz

Born in 1957 Joachim Manz, studied philosophy and not art. In the 80s he trained with a stone sculptor.

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