Sabbath candle stick SL 30


In the magazine “Die Form” (issue 23/24, 1930) this Jewish Sabbath candlestick was shown as an example of a formally good solution for cult devices. The designer is unknown; the candlestick was formerly manufactured by a no longer existing company L. Wolpert in Frankfurt a.M. The base is made of marble, the shaft is similar in construction to that of the Wagenfeld glass lamp. A nickel-plated tube that carries the candle holder runs in a glass tube. The chandelier is still produced in two different versions: the base is made of white marble or white onyx. A removable disc catches the drops. All candlesticks are made according to the original available to us.

Design: Unbekannt

SL 30 WS: White marble, nickel plated metal, clear glass

SL 30 Onyx W: White onyx, nickel plated metal, clear glass


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