Ash tray | MB 24

Marianne Brandt, 1924

This 1924 ashtray is one of the earliest designs by Marianne Brandt and dates back to the beginning of her activity at the Bauhaus. lt consists of a hemisphere of brass on a triangular base and a removable, nickel plated lid with a triangular opening for the ash. In 1925 this ashtray was illustrated in Bauhaus Book No. 7 by Walter Gropius, “Neue Arbeiten der Bauhauswerkstätten”, Albert Langen Verlag, Munich. In order to ascertain dimensions and materials for the reproduction, we had at our disposal one of the original prototypes, courtesy of the Bauhaus Museum in Berlin.

Design: Marianne Brandt, 1924

Brass and nickel plated brass

Marianne Brandt

1893 – 1983
Marianne Brandt

Marianne Brandt’s unique talent was soon picked up by László Moholy-Nagy. Inspired by him, Brandt undertook her studies in the male-dominated field of metalworking, where she was more successful than many of her classmates.

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