Pendant Lamp | HLWSP

Walter Schnepel, 2006

There’s something for every taste here, featuring shades in glorious white, subdued natural linen and even anthracite fabric with flashy interior paintwork. Thanks to the wide selection of shades and the lamp’s neutral form, it’s suitable for creating both a classic and contemporary ambience and, depending on the fabric, it gives off a different, warm light. The lacquer coating makes the lamp a real eye-catcher above your table or counter, reflecting the light in an interplay of colours to cast an effective glow over the room.

Pendulum for fabric umbrellas, canopy matt nickel-plated, black fabric cable.

Umbrellas for pendulum HLWSP:
S 07/1… (height: 60 cm, Ø 37 cm), 15.2 cm), S 07/2… (height: 37 cm, Ø 37 cm), S 07/3… (height: 24 cm, Ø 40 cm), S 07/4… (height: 36 cm, Ø 60 cm)

Colors and fabrics for umbrellas:
(An) anthracite, (Gr) gray, (Nt) natural, (Rt) red, (Ws) white

Diffuser for pendant lights and fabric shades:
DIF 2 (diffuser for screens S 07/2 ...), DIF 3 (diffuser for screens S 07/3 ...), DIF 4 (diffuser for screens S 07/4 ...)

Each lamp is consecutively numbered and bears the Signet of TECNOLUMEN.

Recommended bulb: 3 x LED lamp 7 W



Walter Schnepel

Walter Schnepel

The TECNOLUMEN founder is more than just a businessman – he is also an art collector, developer and passionate design ambassador.

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